Make money online and get free financial status is the dream of many peoples . There are many blogs and books on this topic but many of them become outdated fast as technology and techniques are quickly changing .

Also, many blogging books tend to focus on one small part of blogging, whether it be creating and customizing a blog, or creating quality content, or search engine optimization, or monetization. In my personal experience ,I find out that it's good but not enough.Rarely does a book take the reader by the hand and show them step-by-step how to master each of these critical aspects of successful blogging.  Until now.

There’s a great new book about blogging available: Secrets to Making Money with a Free Blog.

This book teaches you how to set up a new blog with Blogger; how to install a custom template and host the free blog with a custom domain name; how to write compelling keyword-rich content; the best monetization vehicles and how to use them; and finally, how to attract mega traffic to your blog.

The book also provides tons of live links to free tools and resources to help the reader find what they need to be successful.  It even links to my custom templates at Simplex.

The author J.P. Hicks is an entrepreneur, info-activist, digital nomad and professional blogger. Hicks makes a full-time income running several blogs which total over 2 million pageviews per month – including the blogging website - Blog Tips.

Hicks is also someone I have worked with to design a new template: Gadgets For Blogger which will be available for free download soon.

So if you want to know the secrets to make money with a blog, be sure and BUY THIS BOOK.  It will guarantee success for new bloggers.