SimplexDesign is a blog on Blogger tips ,hacks ,free Blogger templates ,Designer resources ,Ecommerce and SEO ,with the number of reader increasing day by day . At this time ,we have Pagerank 5 and Alexa rank 43k+ .
We currently provide advertisers many options for advertising on SimplexDesign :

1, Ad units

We have 7 ad units for advertisements in homepage/archive pages and single posts  with size as pictures bellow :
Homepage / Archive pages

Single posts

Ad 1, Ad 3, Ad 7- Display in all pages
  • Ad 1 - In sidebar, between sidebar 1 and sidebar 2 sections;
  • Ad 3 - In the right corner of footer section;
  • Ad 7 - In the fold between main content and footer.
Ad 2 - Display in homepage and archive pages only , between first posts and other posts .
 Ad 4, Ad 5, Ad 6 - Display in single post only
  • Ad 4 - Under posts title .
  • Ad 5 - Next to Related posts section
  • Ad 6 - Above Comment section .

2, Ad Creatives

We support many kinds of ad creatives from text ad , static banner ,gif banner ,flash banner or scripts...
Size of each unit is in pictures above.

3, Contact information

If you are interested in advertising in SimplexDesign , feel free to send email to