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After a long time working and test, Download Page is now live in SimplexDesign blog. You can access through the link in top navigation bar or through this address :

This page will keep you up to date to all changes made with SimplexDesign templates , all new templates or bug fixed. All files here automatically sync with files in my computer, and refresh every minute. So updating template is not a nightmare anymore.

Another thing should be notice here : if you see only one files or more when visiting this page, maybe it's in updating time. Refreshing again and you will see them in full.

At this time, there are some templates uploaded to this Download page. It will take time for all Simplex templates because I have to test them all again.
For templates uploaded, I integrated all scripts into templates files, so you don't need to worry about finding hosting provider for script or website downs because of
In the future, I will make two editions for each templates . One comes with all script and image files so you can host yourself , and one comes with all scripts integrated in template file. This was my idea before but it will take time to become reality.

That's all for this post. Hope new Download section will shorten our times when working.

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  1. Nice. Can you help me or share me the style that using for the download page

    Bạn có thể cho mình hỏi về giao diện của trang download ko. Nhìn khá đẹp. Mình biết nó ko phải của blogger mà là google page. Thân


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