While Search Engine Optimization is riding the success wave almost everywhere on the internet,
there are more than enough misconceptions about SEO as well. Let’s separate fact from fiction.

1. Do it right once and that’s it

Simply put, SEO is using well placed phrases in the content of your website so as to get the best
rankings in search engines. Content is definitely key and any business or company needs to ensure
that its content is well written, cogent and dependable. But content is not the only thing and so to
write great content and sit back waiting for things to happen will not work in SEO. This is an ongoing
process and needs to be monitored regularly so that you can get more from the process.

2. More content, less design

While SEO does focus on great content, it is a misconception to think that you need to sacrifice
design and aesthetics to be more visible in a search engine. In fact SEO employs not just words
but many other aspects that you might use on the site to drive traffic your way. This could include
something as simple as menu design, the tabs on your website or even the shopping cart customers
use to store their purchase. The better designed your site, the better it is for you. Besides, good
content cannot make up for a confused and confusing website.

3. Pay per Click works better

One would imagine that the internet would be flooded with lot of information but not much quality
if the company that pays for key phrases has better visibility! Search engines do not care about how
much money you’ve spent but about what quality you deliver. Remember, search engines need to
benefit too! PPC works along with SEO and not as a substitute as SEO.

4. Links are overrated

Believe this misconception at your own peril! Links are important when you want the customers’
visit to your website to culminate in a sale. You have to spend time and effort building backlinks
and ensuring that the health of the links to and from your site is good at all times. Links are not
overrated and are instead valuable resources to help your business grow further.

5. The more the links, the better

If thinking that links are overrated is bad, then thinking that as many links as possible is the key to
good SEO is bad too. Flooding your website with links is counter-productive and only help to confuse
the customer. What you should look for instead is a well thought out bunch of workable links that do
an effective job for you.

6. The in-house technical team can handle SEO

Well this is a tricky one. It depends on how good your technical team is and how busy its members
are. Yes of course SEO is not tough to do because you need ‘simple’ things like ASP, PHP and C++
to program but SEO is not just programming. You need to design it well so it can do its job well. For

this, it is helpful to have a dedicated team of people focusing on it, exclusively.

Watch out for the rumors and half-truths and create SEO that is elegant and effective!

About Guest Blogger

Teyona Dame is a tech-lover and enjoys to write interesting topic about technology. She writes for xfinity and its services as well.

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