Many many people ask me why their blog stop working recently ,why down ,and ask me for js files .I repeated thoudsand times the answer . But it seem useless . So I make this post for clarifying what need to do with js file .

1,If the host live again ,you can open template files ,search for what files hosting in ,download them and than upload to your host . After that ,replace links in template files .

2,If downs ,you can search for file in internet ,very simple ,for example :
Search for file :jquery.js , I open GOOGLE and type 'jquery.js' in search box and press Enter , site which provide jquery.js is the first one in search result ^^
Now you got it .

Repeat for other files , I must say that all files I used in template are popular js script in internet and it's the line in search result . So don't need to worry I hide something or have special script that don't want you to know . So what to do when you have js file ? you can buy a host ,I recommend a host that support CDN for best quality and than host your files there . Don't upload your files to services such , , ... because they are file sharing services ,and file hosted in these host can't use directly . If you don't have enough money for a host , you can see my post here for unlimit hosting for blogger

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  1. support direct link of js or css file and also it is cloud server and per day 10gb bandwidth as a free user. so, i recommend to user to host your script to

    1. Thanks for your suggestion . I used dropbox before for hosting a template but people complaint that they couldn't download . I received many questions on how to download ^^

  2. all your scripts are down
    so the blogs using your templates like simplex enews is taking huge time to load
    please upload these scripts files on mediafire and share the link
    so that we can use that to upload on our host!!
    one stop for hot deals

    1. At this time ,I'm working to make a download section that easier for people to update files . My work in real life are also busy at this time . So I will be very appreciated if you can do Google search for these files .

  3. u can save js files in Google Code -->

    1. Google Code doesn't allow to host files which not used for community . Btw, files hosted in Google code are for storage only ,so your files maybe deleted if you use direct link and spend their bandwidth . I hosted files before and then deleted . So you all should pay attention .

  4. Thank, its work.... all the javascript u use in ur template is popular script, its easy to find in internet...... thank....

  5. use the model simplex enews and I'm having problems in java. postasse wish you the contents of files that are in trouble hosting. worth?

    I use the blog was very slow, and I was forced to remove all java files on it because of the problem.

    I hope to answer soon. okay

  6. Replies
    1. new versions of these templates which all scripts integrated can be found in Template Download page.

  7. I've been using, but my blog to be broken and it does not work


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