When working on almost any kind of designer project, one of the most important yet difficult things is to choose the right font. Here’s when our smartphones can come to help us. There are many good font-related apps out there at iTunes, and some of them can even be used by professional designers:

1. WhatTheFont

If you’ve seen a nice font in a pic or poster and want to use it in your own project, it’s now possible with the help of the WhatTheFont app – just snap a photo with your Apple iPhone, and the app will easily identify the desired font. Or, if the font can’t be found in the app’s database, it’ll find the closest match. Very useful sometimes!

2. FontBrowser

FontBrowser is the next free iPhone app that can be used by designers, software developers, and all those who like playing with fonts and colors. It’s actually a Unicode font and color browser (with a huge database of 19,000 Unicode font characters, 9,600 colors and all their codes) and it’ll help you find the key codes and web codes for different symbols and colors. With its help you can also find out what fonts are installed on your Apple iPhone. Well, in case you don’t already know it :)

3. Font Maker

Font Maker can be downloaded from iTunes for free, and it’ll give you the opportunity to create your own fonts and use them wherever you want – in designer projects, is messages or in other apps. The only shortcoming is the fact that some of the custom letters and symbols created by you will be visible on Apple devices only. But let’s hope this little bug will be fixed soon.

4. The Typography Manual

The Typography Manual is a very useful and complete information resource that includes a glossary and a 60+ page book about graphic design, fonts, their history and use on the web and in different projects. Most designers, of course, already know all those theoretical things or just don’t need them at all, but still, sometimes we all need to access some info on the go, and this app can always be at hand. It’s available via iTunes for $3.99.
Besides, The Typography Manual offers a number of other useful tools, too, including those that can help you find the key combinations and HTML codes you need, or measure the type size of any font from any pic.

5. TypeDrawing

TypeDrawing, which is available at iTunes for $1.99, is one of the few apps that allow you to draw pictures using letters, number and sentences instead of brush strokes. Maybe this app isn’t made for professional designers, but the final images you get are really unique and interesting, and you can definitely use them in one of your projects.

6. Font Dresser Free

Font Dresser Free is a mini app that can help you write and edit texts, change the font colors and sizes, save them as photos and send them to your friends by email. It’s not very useful in professional projects, but is still rather fun to use – after all, designers should send out stylish emails.

7. FontBook™ – The Original Typeface Compendium

Available at iTunes for $5.99, FontBook includes the work of 118 renowned international type foundries, 1650 type designers, 700,000 typeface samples, and 35,000 fonts from 8050 font families, so it is one of the most useful tools to research and compare fonts.
The app is regularly updated over-the-air, so new content and fonts are being added all the time.

8. Typography

The last font app from our list is used more for fun than for any serious projects, but a good designer can find some professional use for it, too.
For £0.69 Typography gives you the opportunity to send messages using letters and numbers from Flickr pics instead of the usual ones. Since there are many, many different images with letter out there on Flickr, the app can generate a huge number of different sets of such messages; if you don’t like the current version, just shake your iPhone, and the app will come up with another version.

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Amelia is not a professional designer, but she’s definitely interested in design and works on different amateur projects from time to time. She’s also interested in mobile phones and mobile apps for designers, since they can really make the life much easier. You can contact Amelia via her Twitter or Google+ accounts

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