Many people mail me ask me for solving error when installing new template . They installed template in their main blog and every error occured may affect to their site performance . So in this post , I would like to show you the way for testing new template with all data from your main blog ,but do not affect to main blog performance .

1, Create a new blog for testing

2, Export all data from your main blog :
Go to Blogger Dashboard of your main blog -> Settings -> Other > Export blog
This function will export all posts and comments in your blog to an xml file .

3, Import your data to new blog
Go to Blogger Dashboard of your test blog - > Setting -> Other -> Import blog
A new dialog will apear . Choose the data file (xml format) which you export before to import  then wait for the whole process .

4, After that ,all data from your main blog has been imported to test blog . You can now test your blog with all post setting ,all widgets ,scripts ,and functions of your new template .

When you finish your editing , the test blog is reflection of your main blog after changing to new template . Now you can use the template in test blog to main blog . The cutover time from old to new template will be short and it doesn't affect to your main blog performance whenerver you make a change or test .
The most important thing is to back up and keep track in each steps . You must be very clear on what changes you made ,what script you added , so we can do draw back whenever error occured . It's very hard for you - the blog owner and ours - who are willing to help - in solving error if we don't know what you did .

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  1. Replies
    1. Nice Idea .. Thanks again for this post.

      When will you release new templates ?
      we are eagerly waiting for the next release .

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  2. I simply create a new blog, and load the template there, then load it back to the main one.

    Worked for me anyway ->
    * Main Blog
    * Test Blog

    Using the simplex layout, with a good few alterations.

  3. very nice trick, i want to use simplex blue design in my personal blog without affect to my blog, and i use this trick.

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  6. A very good idea. Add problems changing my blogger templates since I was not testing. Am waiting for your next post

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  8. Please kindly suggest here if any testing software OR Tool available where can i run new templates or any changes same as on blogger.


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