In the world of website design, dynamism and originality make for excellent website concepts. Nowadays, people are after the unique, the scintillating, and the creative. However, despite the growing tide of overdone aesthetics when it comes to website design, more often than not, many professional website designers still veer towards the simple and often monochromatic themes that were the staple of earlier sites.

Social networking sites like Facebook itself is quite popular and winning despite its aesthetics of the plain blue and white variety. Despite the lack of pizzazz, plain websites have something that even the most ornate of websites don’t have – finesse. Plain websites often come in two-colored spreads, and while these are nothing close to the more stylish websites so common today, their plainness and almost Spartan look appeals to many due to its minimalist scheme.

If you’re looking to make a website without too much pizzazz but still want to give it a wow-factor, opting for simple website designs is essential. One of the best ways to meld simplicity with style is to pick colors which are soft and comforting to the eye. Pastels which are not too muted but aren’t too bright usually make for great choices, although darker colors also work well if done tastefully. Picking complimenting colors is a basic no-brainer if you’re looking to make a spread out of just two colors alone, although contrasting colors could also work well only if done-up correctly, which can be difficult for beginners.

The simplicity of the color scheme should not make the website seem half-heartedly done however, as sleek lines, clear and concise content placement, and easy navigation all redeem a site that is somewhat on the plain side. You can add a little spice to the plainness by incorporating some unique features into your website spread, although the primary purpose of a simple spread is to not detract readers from the content.

If your website is laden with useful content and nuggets of knowledge, you wouldn’t want to distract them by creating too opulent a spread that would reduce the readability of your content. Opting for clear and easily read fonts are keys to developing a good spread, while keeping everything orderly helps to improve the aesthetics.

Incorporating images or aftereffects to the site is just another way to add a subtle touch of style to an otherwise plain-looking site, although the color schemes should always compliment the overall site spread and not clash against it. Because website design can be very tricky for those who aren’t in the know, looking at more professional websites should help them in the choice of color scheme and overall style. If your site is blog or a site dedicated to dishing out content that is laden with text, a good font-type and size should be decided upon.

While you may be tempted to opt for more gaudy or stylish fonts, settle on common ones, or using unique but readily legible ones is always a wise choice. Though you may be tempted to color your fonts in the same scheme as your spread, only do so with careful consideration. If in doubt as to the aesthetics of website design, or if you find it difficult to decide on a color scheme, consult a web designer who can procure sample spreads that integrate your site’s purpose with simple yet engaging aesthetics.

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