Google Adsense is the best choice for small or new website which has not enough traffic for selling ad or join private ad network . It's also a main income source for bloggers and website owners ,even pro blogger such as or .
I've got my Adsense account since 2010 and this account still live till now . So in this post ,I just want to write down some of my experience in working with Adsense system . Hope this helpful to you.

1, Keep your adsense in safe

Do not show your adsense information in forums ,websites because you are violating Adsense TOS . If you want to show a proof of your earning , make sure you hide the name and necessary information before . A proof of earning can be reason for an attack to your site from people who is green with envy.

2, Do not cheat

Cheating Adsense by change the ip and click the ad yourself will make your account banned soon. Google keep track on your IP address when login /log out and IP of person who click the ads. If these IPs are the same ,you may got an warning email .
All the text / banner that encourage people click the ad is also a violation to TOS . I don't know they use auto bot to check the text/banner or have a team for this work ,but we hardly out of their sight .

3, Disable ad-serving from copyrighted material 

Always check for copyrighted material if you don't want to disable all ads in site : Pictures from pro-photographers , music /game ... The author can report to Google or Google check themself  .The best way to escape from this situation is very simple : remove all things that may copyrighted material and submit your site to Google support . They will review your site in next 3 working days and give you the answer . If your site meet their requirements ,they will restore ad-serving in your site.

4, Protect your Adsense Id

Sometimes,your adsense code can be appear in unwanted websites . Some people make a clone of your site with everything inside ,copy your post and ad code . Some people want to attack your adsense , they add your adsense code in their site with adult content ,copyrighted material ... You will get a ban easily without knowing the reason .
To make sure Adsense is only appear in your site , login to your Adsense dashboard - > go to Adsense Setup - > Site Authentication . You will find option for showing adsense ad in specific sites .

5, Invalid clicks

Google Adsense is one of the biggest incomes of Google , and Google invest billions dollars in Adsense system to make it become a giant in internet advertising industry . So their system is more and more intelligent .
Nowaday , Invalid clicks are still tracked but don't generate earning . Google can realize what invalid click and cheat clicks . Of course ,  this is still an automatic system and mistake is still exist .So take care of your account .

6, Bomb click attack

If  you have Google Adsense account for a long time ,you probably see a bomb click attack . The attackers click on the ads in your site many times . They try to make Google believes that account owner are cheating . And Google will give you a ban :D Sometimes , Google can realize this but sometimes they don't . I got a bomb click attack before . Google tracked the clicks but all these clicks don't generate any income and I didn't get any warning or ban from Google .
In my experience , to avoid troubles with a bomb click attack ,you should always keep an eye on your account . If there are any abnormal activity in your account ( the number of click increase extremely) , you should remove all Adsense code from your site , tracking the IP of attacker and then ban this IP range from accessing your site .

7, Try Google Adsense Support

If one day you receive a mail from Google for a ban or disable ad-serving ,you can take your last chance to mail to Google Adsense support . It's not easy to get the answer from them but it's better than do nothing and see all money wiped

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  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. my Adsense only show in home page ,its blank when open new page , what this problem you know ,
    Appreciate your immediate response.
    my blog :

  3. Adsense doesn't work for dick.
    Personally I much prefer to use Project wonderful.

    Unlike Adsense, where you can only cash-out when you got 100$ on your account (which is a myth to some bloggers), you can cash out as early as 2$ on there - though it becomes more profitable the longer you leave the money on there, because paypal takes a flat 1$ fee.

    No waiting time, no limits.
    Using it on here, along with the simplex design: Random Ravings.

    It's a lot more customizeable as well, and you can use your earnings to place paid (or free) advertisements on other blogs.

  4. I had already three time disable my Adsence account, invalid click! any way? it's so tough. I'll try to do. Thanks... SEO

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  7. This is a very important tips for any adsense publisher. Thanks :)

  8. great tips for adsense publisher. a few months ago i wrote an article about this kind of tips link

  9. my Adsense don show on home/main page(blank ads),they show only when I open the post/new page,it started today but before everything was OK.I'vent received any msg notification that have been banned or disabled.When i go to adsense dashboard everything is up and running.What could be a prob?

  10. Nice information about AdSense account and maintenance. Now only i started new site and created adsense account your article gives best guideline to me thanks..


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