This is guest post by Brianne Walter on basic principles and techniques for web design . It's also helpful for you who want to make a custom template for blog .
The principles and the techniques are essential for any design. Therefore, in this case, the website design is no exception. For a good website designing, you will need to apply the principles and techniques in a wise manner. Therefore, you will need to know about these elements and its functions. Therefore, some principles and techniques are discussed for your need.


The layout of a website can create its aesthetic meaning to the visitors. Therefore, it is very much important to use the composition of the page in the subtle manner. How you will design, the website's page is a vital concern for making the stunning layout. Therefore, for achieving the success of the layout, you have to apply the grid technique in the layout segment. Particularly, the rules of third should be used to make a stunning composition for the website layout. For good layout, you have to consider putting some surprises in the design, so that the visitors can stay on the website page for a long time.


The color for any website design is an important element. So, the color should be used in the website design in intelligent way. Remember color can make or break the consistency of the website layout. Before using color in the website page, you have to study the color harmony in deeply. So, that there will be no scope for error for color placing on the website layout.


Before using the typography on the website, you have to know the aesthetic sense of the fonts. The reason is that if you use the right font for the website design, then you will make it more user-friendly for the visitors. The exact typography for the website design is vital for the eyes, because, the wrong fonts can damage the viewing angle of the monitor screen.


When you are going to design the website, you should remember that navigation in the website should be user-friendly which means the visitors can access the website without any trouble. Moreover, you have to use your intuition in advance, about where the movement of the visitors' eyes will be on the web page.


When you are designing the website, you should think about the visitor's mind. In advance, you have to realize that what the visitors will do when they make a visit on the website and you have to think about what the visitors will do on the website.


The clarity of the website design depends on the pixel usage. So, how you will use the pixels in the website layout which will determine the crisp and the sharpness of it on the monitor screen. Moreover, the edges of the pictures or fonts should be clear as well as looking great on the monitor screen also.


Always, remember that the website design should have consistency in all segments of the layout, because, the consistency in every aspect of the website will determine its success. Generally, consistency means making everything match like font, spacing, heading sizes .Etc.

Therefore, the website design requires the principles and techniques to build a good-looking website for the visitors.

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Brianne Walter is a freelance blogger who is passionate about writing. She frequently writes on SEO, marketing, design and social media related topics. Her favorite sites are ecofriend and style guru, which she also happens to work for.

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