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This is guest post by Richard on tips to increase conversion rate on ecommerce websites .
Conversion on a site refers to the conversion rate which is a measure of the total number of people that go on to make online purchases. With websites, it is mainly a percentage of visitors who make purchases. A lot of websites are mainly interested to increase the number of visitors. These are the ones that are unable to resolve the problems in order to make navigation easier for customers. By resolving such problems, these websites can increase their conversion rates at a very low expense. Look at the following top 5 tips to increase conversions on your site

1. Simplify Navigation 

The more complex your website, the less the number of people making purchases. Be simple to encourage people to buy from you. Accessibility is the foremost issue that prevents users to purchase items online. An inaccessible website potentially loses almost 5 percent of its sales. Make your website accessible through all browsers as those unable to do so lose 15 to 20 percent of their total sales.

2. Only Ask The Right Information! 

There is no reason why you should ask customers? email addresses to let them view online brochures or even ask their phone numbers before proceeding further to an email enquiry page. Do not force your users to create accounts to make purchases, as this won't guarantee them becoming return customers. Simplify things and ask only relevant and legitimate questions that have to do with the sales only. Use customer feedback data or questionnaires to collect other information.

3. Develop a Bond of Trust 

Following plenty of internet credit card scams, a lot of users are still reluctant to use such private and confidential details online. Provide 24 hour customer support service through a phone number so the users can identify you to a location. Show the privacy policy and clearly explain the shipping policy and procedures as well to strengthen customer trust. Display the ?VeriSign Secured? logo on the website if you have an SSL certificate.

4. Maintain a Clear Returns Policy 

Make the online shopping experience as plain and clear as brick and mortar shopping. You should know how to deal with the return policy pertaining to different articles of sale, for example, the return policy for clothes is very different as customers are not able to see them closely on the internet and might find them different in reality. Similarly, perishable items are not accepted upon return anywhere in the world once they are sold- not even at physical stores! Develop a distinct and different policy for all items that you sell.

5. Offer Easy and Different Payment Mediums 

Not everyone owns a credit card which should be very obvious to you. Similarly, not everyone who has it uses it as well. So, offer several easy and effortless modes of payment to suit the needs of every customer. Many times, customers add a lot of products in their online basket and are satisfied with every procedure on the website, but fail to make purchases when the website limits them to do it through one means only. Make your online website more accessible and simple to let customers know you value them.

About guest blogger

Richard has been working on the Magento Commerce platform for several years. As an ecommerce specialist, he has a strong interest in maximising online conversions.

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