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Attracting traffic to your blog is not an easy task. Optimizing your blog needs to consider few important things. The design of blog, home page, content, images, SEO, and the text presentation plays crucial role in optimizing your blog on the net. The visitors often search for good quality content with attractive interface and images.

Use popular keywords 

A good way to achieve the purpose of a successful blog is to use keywords which people tend to use more often so that they are directed to the blog with a greater frequency. This helps to achieve the objective of being able to reach out to a wider audience.

Use keywords in the article 

A good way to appeal to readers is to use the keywords a few times in the article so that they are easily able to relate to it and their interest in the contents does not sway to something else. Use shorter sentences When sentences are long or convoluted, people find it difficult to trace or remember the train of thought. They prefer reading shorter sentences as it has a great impact on them, so a good strategy to optimize ones blog is to use shorter sentences.

Use relevant photographs 

When people see that the writing that they have been searching for is aided by some visual medium such as photograph, they tend to relate to it better and thus find more interest in reading it. A photograph should be chosen in such a way that it says in a summary what the whole blog is all about without giving away the crust of the matter.

Make it easier to subscribe to 

When people see that they need to go through a long and painstaking process to register or subscribe to the blog, they tend to get deterred and choose to give up in the first place. So care should be taken to ensure that visitors can easily subscribe to the blog and begin their work of reading.

Allow people to leave comments 

Allowing people to leave comments enables them to have a sense of participation in the blog that they are viewing and so they tend to prefer that too other blogs which may have similar content. Another good aspect about this is that the comments or feedback from people helps in making changes as the readers are the people who have the best perspective of the blog.
Optimizing a blog is an art as well as a science, and requires just a little bit of work and dedication in order to make it a big hit. There a host of bloggers on the net and it takes just a few easy steps such as these in order to be ahead in the race and have a good and successful blog.

About the author:  
Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on gadgets. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently did an article on Wireless Laser Printer. These days she is busy in writing an article on comb over carpet.

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  1. Woh, your new template is really cool. Love it!

  2. Now, Simplex Design looks like a self-hosted wordpress~COOL!

  3. The new design is simple and elegant >Love it!

  4. Very nice template and useful tips.. thank you

  5. Please, write a tut how to add SimpleReach slider as it seems to be a new trend now. I followed this: https://www.simplereach.com/docs/publisher/blogger and this http://www.thespicygadgematics.com/2011/11/how-to-add-simplereach-slide-to-blogger.html to my blog Gameloo, but it not working.

  6. So currently I am using: http://www.bloggerplugins.org/2011/12/recommended-post-slide-out-for-blogger.html

    Anyway, it doesn't allow statistics like one by SimpleReach.


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