improve blogger loading speed by 200%
Many peoples complaint about their blog loading speed . 'Slow' is the term that I heard so much . So in this post ,I want to tell you some tips for increasing the loading speed .

1,Host javascript files in your host or Blogger template itself 
 Most of templates from SimplexDesign use a lot of javascript . Because blogger provide some APIs for designer ,so using javascript is the only way to masking -up the homepage . Javascript are also used for special effects in site ,for example sliders,tabs . In many Simplex's templates ,I used for hosting javascript files . It's a free hosting but not stable . Sometimes it downs ,all the blog that javascript files hosted in will be affected . So I suggest you all host javascript by yourself or host them in blogger template itself if you can't afford a hosting . If your site has a lot of traffic ,a host that support CDN technology is a good choice .

2,Remove unnecessary code
 I checked many sites that report error ,they add a lot of codes, ad code ,toolbar ,tooltip ... These codes increase the loading time ,some of them conflict to existing scripts in template and make template not working properly .

3,Remove unnecessary widgets 
Widgets can increase your loading time the way you've never thought .Believe it or not ,some widgets in blogger widget list is not from Google Blogger team ,it was built by bloggers ,and they also use javascript :D

4,Reduce social media buttons 
Social media buttons are also use javascript for taking post url when page load ,more button ,more script to load . So I suggest you all keep popular social media buttons only ,Facebook ,Twitters ... or the networks you use the most . Use service and keep the number of button in the minimum ,I think it will be better .

5,Avoid extra comment systems
 Disqus or Facebook comment system can be modern comment systems with many functions ,but they are third party services ,all the comments and comment form are stored/loaded from remote servers . What happen if this service is busy or out of orders ? Many times ,I see facebook comment struggling in loading and then stop with a blank canvas ,no comment,no form displayed .

6,Load less posts 
Another question that I see a lot . People want to increase the number of posts in archive pages ,increase the number of post sections in homepage ... Should we load more post and make blogger processing more data ,make client browser process more javascript ? Web browser can be stopped from working, go to 'idle' status if it has to process a lot of javascripts . I often meet this error in working with Firefox (a good browser but eat a lot of RAM and CPU processing )

7,Use default 'readmore' function 
All Simplex's templates integrated 'auto readmore' function to create post summary with image for each post in homepage/archive page . But this script can be passed if we use Blogger default 'readmore' function . What is the difference ? The 'readmore' from blogger process data in server and send the result to client computer . 'Auto readmore' funtion use javascript for processing data in client computer . Your computer or Google server is more power ? I think you get your own answer .

8,Optimize images before posting 
Images is the largest part of every website . Optimizing images before posting , reduce the number of images will make your blog load faster ,especially for template such as Simplex Portfolio ,Simplex Photography 2 ...

Here are 8 tips for increasing loading speed of Blogger blog . I hope it helpful to you . Feel free to leave comments and click like if you think it interesting :D Thanks for your support :D

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  1. very good..
    im here now.

  2. Awesome!Thanks for these great tips!

  3. You can also reduce a loding blog with external link CSS code. You can upload in Google Code with SubVersion

  4. very nice and interesting
    information, it me very to know about a such tips, very cool

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  6. Just how to move from housting own. script file. js .. where can I get?

    1. You can search for answer in my blog .There's a post and many comments related to this issue ,so I don't want to repeat all again . doesn't down all time,you can save the js file when this host is live .

  7. This tips is very useful, the speed of loading is very important for my blog, thank you.

  8. awesome i linr it thanx .. I've one question .. How can we earn from blogging ??? Im from nepal .

    1. I have no answer for this question because blogging/ internet is not my income . I do this for fun and have no benefit . You can try Adsense in English or local ad-networks ,or writing promotion posts ...


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