Many many of you complaint my host not working . Yes ,it's not a stable and reliable free hosting . So in this post ,I will tell you solution to fix this problem .  The idea is very simple , we can host scripts in blogger itself .
This solution will make your template hard to read ,not good for SEO (as SEO expert said) because we included all scripts in template file . But hosting scripts in blogger will increase the loading speed ,and it work 100% ,don't need to worry about downtime .

How to do ?

1,If you are using a template from SimplexDesign ,open template in a word editor such as notepad ,wordpad ,notepad ++ ...

2,Make a search for this term <script ,it will show you all the place where scripts are embedded to your template .
Take a closer look ,if the script is hosted in another host , you will see something like this :
<script src='http://hosting....../xxxx.js' type='text/javascript'/>
The src attribute in <script statement above indicate the URL of javascript file .
Copy this URL http://hosting....../xxxx.js and paste it in browser window

It will show you the content of js file as picture above ,or a dialog which asking for download js file .
If you download the js file ,open it in a word editor

3,Insert the script in js file into blogger template by using this structure :
<script type='text/javascript'>
insert content of js file here
After inserting the script to blogger directly ,delete the line
<script src='http://hosting....../xxxx.js' type='text/javascript'/>
that we found in step 2 .
Do this for the rest .

4,Save template and upload it to blogger .
That's all .
I hope with this tip ,we can forget the problem with free javascript hosting . Yes,if you have a hosting ,you can host js file in your host ,it better for SEO .

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  1. would make the loading longer ? Which is better, than using free hosting....??

  2. @Erwin : hosting scripts in blogger template will make page load faster,because it doesn't need to load script from other sources ,and google work better than other hosts ^^. But the main disadvantage of this method is SEO ,adding scripts into template file will make Google's bot hard to crawl and index .
    If you have a private hosting that work stable and fast ,you can host your own script files in that . It's the best solution I recommend .

  3. nhamngahanh: Solution for seo is put the javascript on the bottom of template..

    1. thanks for nhamngahanh's posting & Firdaus' comment. very useful :)

  4. @Muhd Firdaus : thanks for your suggestion ^^ keep commenting ,guys ^^

  5. @nhamngahanh: you are wrong, when hosting js files on a server, they will be saved to Web Browser cache. So, the next time you go to that website, Web Browser will load js files from Browser cache, not from server -> faster loading speed. If you insert javascript directly to blogger template, they will not be cached.

  6. @Noct : Thanks for your comment . I'm not sure on Browser cache so I will take note on your comment . I think cached can be very helpful if your server is good ,but it will be a disaster if we use a free server ,and the down-time is above 10% .

  7. What if we are hosting to "google code" ?
    because,,, all my js uploaded there.
    whether "google code" could be down as well...

  8. @Gallery Celebrity : You can host in anywhere you like , Google code can be a good solution . But in my opinion ,I do not recommend ,because all js files of Simplex's template were deleted before when host in Google Code .
    They are a free hosting service for new/unique projects ,and they must be helpful for community . All files which are hosted in Google Code that violate these rules will be deleted .

  9. wow ... I do not know if would be removed ...
    Okay I will upload directly to blogger.
    gratitude for his science friends ... : D
    can not ask for backlinks for my blog .. hehe ... : D

  10. very good post but can you tell me that how to host scripts in a way that when that script run our blog also run not a dropbox..ok
    K for

  11. @Mairaj Pirzada : Don't really understand your question . The tutorial for hosting scripts are all in this blog and you can make a search for more .

  12. hi...i need tabcontent.js because it´s doesn´t load by

  13. Don't be lazy every one . Just google , and you will get the js file

  14. bro.. do something templates are not loading........
    evn i tried code frm google by following ur this tutorials bt not working again

  15. i don´t lazy. i just google but i don´t get your tabcontent.js file. It´s appears many tabcontent.js but are there yours tabcontent.js file???

  16. please, help me. i need your tabcontent.js file.

  17. @administrador : the first result from google :
    is this okay for you ?
    @se7en : which step do you get stuck in ?

  18. wel thnq dude 4 uploading again all files

  19. thank's for your information,Huy Dinh have amazon store template..?share to me please...

  20. @nhamngahanh and @Muhd Firdaus
    Okay. Firdaus have suggested something when it comes to SEO. What does it mean by "keeping the scripts at the bottom of the template"?? Please help.:)

  21. @Nadeem Uz Zaman : As we known ,javascript is not good for SEO . Javascript increase the loading time and make Google bots hard to find the real content of page .
    So if we keep them in bottom of template ,it will be the last element which google bots reach . And content will be indexed faster .
    This is my opinion and I'm not sure for this idea because I'm not a SEO expert

  22. thank you for your reply brother nhamngahanh. Please let us know if you got more details about how more friendly we can make these scripts to the SEO. I have got few more things to ask you, and you can't realize how wonderful my web pages are looking with your templates! thanks a bunch, God bless you.

  23. Hi I can not open such files:

    as you do so that you can open and switch hostin? I used Internet Explorer browsers, firefox and google crow and I open the files. greetings.

  24. First time i am commenting here. :-)
    A nice blog and you are best with easyness.
    Thanks for creating some very Dynamic Templates.

    I use 'Simplex Enews', template ( This template has calmness with smartness. I love this.
    But the problem is, It doesn't load the page. :-(
    and i don't want to leave this template.
    I saw here that it is a common problem of many guys.
    and solution is also here.
    Now, I am going to applying them.
    Thanks buddy, 'Huy Dinh Quang'.

  25. Thank you so much your tips solve the error on my blog.

  26. Thanks A lot for giving us the resolution on this issue.I lost half of my visitors in the past week due to this issue.I fixed it now :)

  27. thank you for your reply brother nhamngahanh. Please let us know if you got more details about how more friendly we can make these scripts to the SEO. I have got few more things to ask you, and you can't realize how wonderful my web pages are looking with your templates! thanks a bunch, God bless you. - See more at:


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