I took an eye surgery two weeks ago and now I think my eyes are good enough to use computer again . Now is the time for me to answering comments and post something new after a long delay ^^
Thanks for still coming in my blog and keep supporting me in this time .
In this post ,I want to show you a freebie,a beautiful nature business card template in psd (Photoshop file format ) , just need some changes in name ,address... and it's ready to use

Designed by iBrandstudio ,this free business card is have very beautiful nature background with the atmosphere in the afternoon when the sun goes down. Come with double sided template with 3.5″x2″ in business card size, ready for print and highly customizable. The business card design that perfect for anyone.
You can use this business card template for free, both your personal and commercial project but do not redistribute or resell.


  • Beautiful nature design
  • Highly customizable – Layered PSD and well organized
  • Ready for print with bleed lines and trim guidelines


  • Date created : July 3, 2011
  • Font used : Arial and Lobster 1.4
  • Size : 3.5”x2”
  • Color : CMYK


free beautiful nature business card template


Have fun with it !

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  1. Thank Huy nhé.

  2. welcome back my friend.
    I was in worry about you, cause of the long time of disappear.

    I always wish you to Be well ..
    GOD BLESS YOU. @ thnx for the nice post.

  3. So glade you are back and with another awesome share!
    Anyway, during your absence there are piles of issues needed your help :) simple one in here: http://simplexdesign.blogspot.com/2011/01/jquery-lightbox-working-in-blogger.html?showComment=1308975415969#c2862356284957107249

    SimplexBuzz needs your fixes.

    Hope you are active again, but hey don't hurt ya eyes too much :)

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  5. Really beautiful templates. I love these colors.
    seo greece

  6. hi,can you please tell me which simplex template is used on the following blog ??

  7. @gamer : I don't know ,bud . It can be the modification of a Simplex template or another templates . You better ask the blog administrator .

  8. Online Printing Company
    hey buddy… i just wanted to say that my C64 is exploding when I click on the text… are you using some js or something?

  9. These templates might help me if i need to Order Business Cards..thanks for sharing.


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