In this post , I want to show you my latest template named : Simplex Timeline . I think this template is the best for tech blog ,but you can use it in other niches (of course ^^ ) .

Live Demo Download

Install instruction

1,Download template file .

2,Open template in any word editor you have ,the best is notepad++ ( MS Word is not recommended because it auto generate tags in template file after editing )

3,To change the logo ,find this code :
#head-content {
    background: transparent;
    background-image: url(;
    background-position: 0px 0px;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
and change the link in bold to your logo URL.

4,  This is the code of Subscribe form :
<form onsubmit="'', 'popupwindow', 'scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520');return true" target="popupwindow" method="post" action="">
                                     <input type="hidden" name="uri" value="simplex"/>
                                     <input type="hidden" value="en_US" name="loc"/>
                                     <p class="email-form">
                                          <input type="text" name="email" class="sub"/>
                                         <input type="image" alt="submit" class="subbutton" src=""/>
                                     <div style="clear: both;"><small>Privacy guaranteed. We'll never share your info.</small></div>
change the text in bold to your feedburner account .

5, This is the code for social network :
<div class="sub-icons">
                                     <a href="/feeds/posts/default" title="Subscribe via RSS Feed"><img align="top" alt="Subscribe via RSS Feed" src="" class="rss-sub"/></a>
                                     <a href="" title="Follow me on Twitter" rel="external" target="_blank"><img align="top" alt="Follow me on Twitter" src="" class="twitter-sub"/></a>
                                     <a href="" rel="external" title="Connect with me on Facebook" target="_blank"><img align="top" alt="Connect with me on Facebook" src="" class="facebook-sub"/></a>
                                     <a href="" rel="external" title="Connect with me on LinkedIn" target="_blank"><img align="top" alt="Connect with me on LinkedIn" src="" class="linkedin-sub"/></a>
again ,change the text in bold to your accounts ^^

6,This is the code for Flickr gallery :
<script type="text/javascript">
                limit: 9,
                qstrings: {
                id: '37304598@N02'
                itemTemplate: '&lt;a href=&quot;{{image_b}}&quot;&gt;&lt;img src=&quot;{{image_s}}&quot; alt=&quot;{{title}}&quot; /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;'
change the value 37304598@N02 to your Flickr ID

7,Ok ,save template and upload to Blogger .

8,Go to Dashboard ,continue to Page element

9,To add advert in top ,click on edit button in topads widget and paste your ads code into widget content (Adsense code ,for example ) . Do the same for midads ,ads,ads3 and ads4 widgets .

10,To add item to menu ,click on edit button and add link to each category in your blog . Link to each category has structure : http://{blog url}/search/label/{category} . Do the same for category and blogroll .

11,to add video ,click on video widget and paste the embed code of your video ,size for video is 286x210

12,you can add anything you want in text widget .

Ok,Save changes and you are done .
if you want to show a post in slider ,just add a label 'feature' to your post .There are maximum 4 posts in content slider .
That's all for installing this template . I hope this template helpful to you .

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  1. Oh, My God!!!!! Please help me ! I can't breath!!
    This is template is awesome!!! Really!!!!!
    The author is very geniusss.......

  2. hello sir... ur template is awesome.. genius...!
    but could u help me how to add more text in feature slideshow... i mean, its about one pharagraph in feature slideshow. how can i change it in this template? thank you sir. ur help much appreciated. sorry for bad english... :-)

  3. I posted your template in galleries New Free Blogger Template Everyday.

    i'll wait your next template

  4. this is SEO frendly??
    your templates are amazing/ i'm using for my blog: Darkness Template, but i want to use this new template.

  5. Really amazing template!
    Please share with us, submit your work into our blogger templates gallery...

  6. If you want to check the other demo of this template, check this site:

    I am following your template design and they are indeed great and genius!!! No other site can beat your wordpress like template!!!

  7. Don't forget to label your article as 'feature' if you want it to be displayed as SlideShow :D ... Thanks! Your templates are great!

  8. SlideShow not work with internet explorer 7 and 8 and 6

  9. awesome! but i wonder how to insert link into the logo? i want my readers to click on the logo (nothing special,just like it like that). please do help. tq

  10. hi ...........this template is awesome .....but one question .....i had just uploaded this template to my blog how to edit slider in this template........plz reply as soon as possible

  11. Hi, i'd liked this template so much. But, i see 1 problem:

    The search system doesn't work....

  12. i can show just 5 post on homepage. how can i solve this?
    plz look at

  13. Hello, I'm using the template simplex timeline. I loved the template. I made several changes, first to translate it to Portuguese, then to add the widgets, host the images, etc. the problem was solved with the search, the problem was the configuration of the beta site.

    If anyone wants to see how it stayed, visit me at this address

  14. Heloo, how to setting SlideShow..?
    Good themplate.

  15. Topads doesn't appear on firefox 3.6.7.
    No Big deal Actually, but it would be better for me and my ads publisher (Soon, I hope..) if this problem can be solved.
    and how can I solve the search system?

  16. Hi Admin,

    very great template, how to edit slide features? mine not showing any posts even i posted label "Feature".

    please advice.

  17. @King_K : 'feature' not 'Feature' my friend ,try it one more time ^^

  18. yes, you are right, "feature" NOT Feature". its amazing.

    can you please let me know following?
    1:- how to adjust post image size?
    2:- why search is not working properly?

    thank you in advance.

  19. slide show not working on internet explorer.
    Firefox and chrome working fine

  20. subscribe by e male not working even i changed code to my feed burner ID.

    please advice.

  21. Hello admin, pls help me more post in homepage, i just have 4 post in homepage, i dont know why, i from vietnam Pls help me :D
    My yahoo: pine_vicky7

  22. Hi Beck,

    go to >Design >page elements >blog post click "edit" >Number of posts on main page: change number from 4 to what ever you want.

  23. Hi Admin,

    can you please advice about my above request so i can fix those issues. otherwise i have to change template.

    Thank you.

  24. Hello,

    Slide show doen't work in IE8 anys uggestions??

    Yout help is appreaciated.

    thanks in advance


  25. Hi, any solution for the IE/slideshow problem?

    It's the only reason that I'm not using this amazing template.


  26. In my computer with IE8 works fine! In others computers with the another IE8 doesn't work!

    Somebary knows why this happend?

  27. Hi! I use your template for tech blog. I have a question. How can I add one more sidebar on the right? What's the html code and where I put it?
    My blog is


  28. Thanks for the such a nice template. this is awesome template. but I didn't got the idea how to show the slide show. You haven't mentioned about it. Please tell me once how do it. will be waiting for your response. thank you. YOu can see my blog .

  29. blogfoundation you have to put the word feature as a label in your article

  30. in the point number 4.
    could I just delete the value="simplex" replace it wih my feedburner account
    or i just need to replace the "simplex"

    Sorry if my question seems ridiculous, I'm totally newbie

    Thx before

  31. Thanks! This blog is a marvel.
    I'm from Brazil.

  32. Hi Admin,

    can you please check why subscription box (frame and button) not showing anymore?

  33. ||| August 22, 2010 |||

    Your attencion is need it^^

    Timeline template has some errors by itself: here's the report:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; InfoPath.2)
    Timestamp: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 11:09:35 UTC

    Message: Invalid character
    Line: 2691
    Char: 13
    Code: 0

    Message: 'title' is null or not an object
    Line: 2224
    Char: 6
    Code: 0


    I'm sure that all these issues are made it when creating this custom design template...

    Is there anyone who can fix these issues that makes IE versions don't work properly in many computers, it will be appreciated for many of us.

    We are waiting to get a solution for this wonderful template... ^^

    Your attencion is need it^^

    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards~


  34. @van_Java : Just 'simplex' ,not value='simplex'
    @hollycebz,venteens ,Missões e Adoração and others : because using many javascript in template ,so I think it sometime get troubles with IE ,you can allow using activeX and down the security restrict of IE .I think it will be better . SEO and loading troubles are two of my problems and I will be very appreciate any one can share idea or solution

  35. hello once again i am here with few problems...i tried to add page navigation for this template in my blog. but it did not show the page navigation. and another problem template enews doesn't support social share buttons such as facebook share, twitter, to correct it? please give me solution. thank you.

  36. Hi All.
    I have problems on this piece of IE, please help me to not display error on IE, or help me remove it.

  37. @Nailart : which template are you using now ? I see the blog in your profile is not SimplexTimeline ^^

  38. The simplex theme works perfectly on my site, Missions and Worship ( It was excellent. Thanks to the developer. Congratulations. I had to translate into Portuguese, I made several modifications, but the layout is original. Left my blog looking like a portal.

  39. thank you admin.. you really awesome designer I know..
    I use it for one of my Here

  40. hi.... i am using this amazing theme.. thanks a lot. but i have some problems.. that when i try to add google social bar or wibiya widget... it doesnot shows up in this theme. does it interfering with any of your javascript. please help me..... i want to add google social bar in my site...

    i don't know why the slider doesn't work.i change the id and i put photos at flickr.i did the change to the javascript but doesn't work.what can i do?the template is great!

  42. @Kotsila : add a label 'feature' for the post you want to show in slider and it will show up .

  43. Hi
    I love the template.
    Just a question, is it possible to make the image header clickable?

  44. I'm not sure if it's my blogger being messed up (i think it is), but when I add video, it breaks the frontpage and tries to display the post like a normal post and not a Read more box.

  45. @Jules : to make image header clickable just add this code :
    <a style="display: block; width: 400px; clear: both; height: 100px; float: left;" href="your blog url"></a>
    before <div id="head-banner468"&gt
    @admin : I can't see your blog ,so I don't know what is your trouble .Pls add your url in your comment name ,and please see the rule for comment again : Do not use names such as Admin or Mod . Thanks

  46. sorry, I changed my name. I've added my blog in my profile. I tried it on two different blogspot's and I get the same issue. On the blog, it is actually two posts, but it looks like one post and the titles aren't there.

  47. Some configuration of the theme is wrong. The home page is showing only 3 posts! In settings, I pointed to appear 12 posts. But it does not work!

    Does anyone know what's going on? The page weight does not exceed 750kb.

    Please, the theme is perfect! Do not want to give it up!

    Help me!

  48. i use your template to you very very much.Is an amazing template!

  49. Thank you. It worked perfectly.

  50. anyone know how I can deactivate or delete slideshow?

  51. @tg: I don't know what happen to template at this time ,but could you delete the post and re-post them again ? Pls give me the result after trying ?
    @Missões e Adoração : pls see my instruction ,sir ,it will help you how to install this template .
    @mpalakia : here is the code of slider :
    <div class="clearfix" id="slideshow">
    <div class="slides clearfix">
    <script src="/feeds/posts/default/-/feature?max-results=10&amp;orderby=published&amp;alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=showrecentposts"></script>
    <ul class="slides-nav">
    <li id="nav-post-0" class="on clearfix">
    <a title="" href="#main-post-0">
    <li id="nav-post-1" class="clearfix">
    <a title="" href="#main-post-1">
    <li id="nav-post-2" class="clearfix">
    <a title="" href="#main-post-2">
    <li id="nav-post-3" class="clearfix">
    <a title="" href="#main-post-3">

    find and delete it if you want

  52. This my blog: ...

    Everything was working ok until I placed 2 youtube videos in my recent post..I delated the post as indicated above... I post a new one without the videos.... but still the same problem... please URGENT HELP...

    Thanks in advance.


  53. I got a solution with videos post... what I did is.. I replaced my previous post with the content of youtube video and.. viola!... everything when true after that... something weird ... I hope that I'll not have that problem again.

    Good luck!

  54. chào a Huy ko biết blogger co thủ thuật nào để tạo khung đăng ký thành viên ko ah? a có thể làm một thủ thuật về cái này ko?
    ak! e thấy hình như có mấy trang dùng tem của a mà họ gói phần css lại up lên một host rùi dẫn link thì phải? a co thể làm luôn một thủ thuật như vậy ko? thanks

  55. : chào bạn ,thực ra mình cũng chưa hình dung đc khung thành viên mà bạn đề cập đến là gì ? vì dùng Blogger nghĩa là người sử dụng phải có tk Google Blogger rồi ,như vậy đăng kí thành viên làm gì nữa ? còn nếu là để tham gia viết bài thì bạn chủ blog phải có thư mời (invitation) cơ?
    Còn phần CSS thì các CSS cơ bản của template ,nên được giữ trong file template ,theo mình sẽ nhanh hơn là load từ bên ngoài ,còn các file css bên ngoài có thể là file CSS của các plugin Jquery hoặc slideshow bên ngoài ta add thêm vào . Thủ thuật thì ko có gì bí hiểm cả ,bạn cứ copy nguyên xi phần CSS muốn đưa ra ngoài vào 1 file ,đặt tên nó là xxx.css ,rồi upload lên 1 host nào đó .
    Sau đó trong file template ,bạn xóa phần css đã chuyển ra file kìa đi .
    Rồi chèn thêm lệnh này vào đầu file template để gọi file CSS bên ngoài :
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="địa chỉ file xxx.css" type="text/css" media="screen"/>

  56. I like this template, but I do Mai block slide show it does not work.
    I edit Javascript, as you suggested, but I still can not
    Please help me I want to use this template very much.
    Contact me via mail.
    Thank you.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. hi
    why the slider on my blog always displaying "no image" image??

  59. @BioNaturally : you have to change feed mode to full feed .
    Go to dashboard -> Setting ->Site feed and change feed mode to Full instead of Short

  60. nhamngahan..
    i need your help.

    1. i want to know if its possible do increase the amount of word on the slideshow.

    2. when you fill up your first page with articles, and you click, older posts, its very desorganized.

    3.if i want to put a header that takes up the whole head space, what size in pixels should it be?

  61. hi admin,
    thanks for this great template,
    but i have a problem.
    On the home page two posts are not minimized with read more buttons.

    you can see yourself

  62. @Blogger donot include inverted commas in your
    title , change it if you have and it will be fine .

  63. Hi Admin ,
    What changes should I make to include the
    slideshow in all of my pages . Currently the
    slideshow is working only on the home page?

    Thanks for the template , it is really awsome
    and perfect for a tech blog .
    My blog is

  64. No good. I keep getting messages that it's not able to parse because not all XML elements are closed. I don't have hours to go through the code to find the elements that aren't closed.

  65. I need help Slider dosent work

  66. This template is working beautifully for me for my pregnancy stories blog! I uploaded the images and script to my own host, and the slider works great!

    Is there a way to increase the word count in the slideshow? I read thru the HTML, but I must be missing it?

  67. Never mind - I found it!

    Thanks so much for a great template!

  68. how can i enable my images and posts to appear in the slider box. what all changes i need to make in edit html option in design setting. plz hlp fast sir.I am also a beginner in blogger.

  69. please help me, slide show not work,

  70. Love this template - I am using it on several blogs now, and it works wonderfully!

    I would like to replace the Flickr widget with something else, but it doesn't seem to be an easy thing to do? I tried removing the script that you posted above, but that doesn't give me the option to replace it with anything. So I assume I must be missing a step?

    Is there a way that I can turn that widget into an editable one? I am used to changing the HTML in the templates, so just need a little guidance...

  71. I love this template, BUT, isn't html5 ready.

  72. To increase the amount of word on the slideshow.

    Search this Code..

    summaryPost = 70; //
    summaryTitle = 25; //

    and increase the value of summaryPost = 70;


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