In one of posts ,I wrote on how to build an online shop with SimpleCart . In this post ,I want to show you one more option for shopping cart in Blogger with FatFreeCart .Thanks KRKT (sorry I don't know your real name) for recommending this script to me .

FatFreeCart is a shopping cart developed by the team behind E-junkie shopping cart.It's built with jQuery, ThickBox, JSOD and E-junkie's e-commerce engine . It support Paypal and Google Checkout ,easy to integrate to any website or blog ( include Blogger ). FatFreeCart has two version , Free and Pro. But in this post ,I want to talk about Free version (free is always the best ^^)

You can see the live demo here

To set up an online shop in your Blogger using FatFreeCart ,you can follow steps bellow .
1, Go to this page ,and you will see a code generator for FatFreeCart . Fill all the fields for item's information .After done ,click on Create Cart code and you will see a code which is generated by FatFreeCart's code - generator .

2,Copy the code you get . Create a page in Blogger , click on Edit HTML and paste the code you get .
3,Save the page ,and you are done .
4,If you have more than one item to sell ,just go back to step 1 ,fill the fields for item's information and copy-paste the code right after the code of previous item in Blogger page .

You can modify the code by using CSS and HTML tags . It will make your shopping page blend into your site smoothly and look pro
In this free version ,FatFreeCart lack functions such as VAT ,location based ,discount ,inventory manager ... but I think this is still a good solution for selling something from your website or blog ,especially small blog.
I hope this helpful to you .

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  1. wow... haha, nice information Nhamngahanh! This will give more option to blogger user to create an online store . Thanks for sharing such a valuable info here. Love to see more ecommerce solution for blogger next time.


  2. Nice didn't know this before, but I use as cart in my blogger shop :)
    And its free for 30 order /day

  3. Agreed. yes this a nice and informative post. Next time I will use this information for sure.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

    Free online store


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