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 SEO and web research for competitive keywords ,PageRank ,and anything like that may take you a lot of time . In internet ,there are many services ,and each of them can do only several tasks ,so you have to pass over many sites for completing the research .
But I found an interesting website ,it contain 77 free tools for SEO and web research


 Tools are organized in 11 categories

- Link Tools : for analyzing links and backlinks
-Keyword Tools : researching keywords
-Authority Link Tools : analyzing backlinks and rank in Web directory
-Search Engine Tools : Check web index ,web crawling ... in popular search engine
-Website Rank Checkers : Check website rank in popular ranking system such as Google PageRank ,Yahoo Rank or Alexa
-Multi-Site Rank Checkers : check multi-site for comparation
-Header/Tag Tools : analyzing site header ,meta tag...
-IP Tools : Check ip ,ping domain...
-Miscellaneous Tools : Check web status ,convert units ...
-Source code Tools : validate CSS,Encrypt website ...
-Social Web Tools : Check links in social networks .

Here is the site :

 Enjoy it ^^

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  3. is not working any more


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